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The Mauritius Police Force


Promoting law abiding conditions in our society

Date:October 02, 2015

​Promoting law abiding conditions in our society In view of promoting law abiding conditions in our society, the Metropolitan Division (North) has embarked on a campaign of sensitization on values, discipline and ethics among the young generation.

Communique for Potential Bidders of Police IT Equipment on E-Procurement

Date:September 12, 2015

​All Potential Bidders for IT Equipment are informed that a tender exercise for IT Equipment will be launched by the Police Department through e-procurement by the end of September 2015.   A further notice will be published shortly on the Police W

Seizure of “Heroin” by ADSU Airport

Date:September 10, 2015

​On 08 September 2015, Customs Officer together with ADSU airport and a representative of TNT was examining parcels arriving on board flight from South Africa at Air Warehouse, Plaine Magnien. While examining a carton box sent by a South African nat

Seizure of Cannabis Plants by ADSU Northern Division

Date:September 10, 2015

​On 09 of September 2015 at 07.55hrs, following certain information received by the officers of ADSU Northern Division searched the house of one Mr. V.C, 41 yrs., residing at Royal Road, St. Francois. In three rooms Police found two thousand two h

Seizure of Cannabis by ADSU of Metropolitan Division

Date:September 10, 2015

On Wednesday the 09th of September 2015 at 11.30 hrs, the ADSU of Metropolitan Division searched the premises of one S.C, 36 yrs residing at Goodlands. During the course of the search in a room, the officers found and secured from a drawer of a wood

Seizure of Cannabis Plants by ADSU of Western Division

Date:September 10, 2015

​On Wednesday the 09th of September 2015 at 11.00 hrs, the ADSU of Western Division searched the premises of Mr. D.R.K, 37 yrs, German National and residing at Rose Hill in his presence and that of his friend, M. B, 34 yrs, of same National and foun

Fifteen persons arrested and Maintenance of accrued vigilance island wide by the police

Date:September 09, 2015

​Following the incident of last weekend in the south part of the island, the Police have arrested fifteen persons and they have been charged with the offence of Stirring up civil war under Sec 62 of the Criminal Code Act. The police wish to draw the


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