Emergency Response Unit

The Emergency Response Service was launched in October 1998. It is a mobile Unit based at St. Paul Road, Vacoas. A Superintendent of Police commands the units.Its primary function is to provide prompt and effective response to the community’s call for assistance in case of victimization or any other emergency and ensuring visible police presence to enhance the quality of life of citizens in terms of safety and security.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Duties and Responsibilities of the ERS consist of following:

  • Attending to requests from PIOR and Police Stations through 999 calls
  • Providing preventive mobile patrol
  • Carrying stop and search exercise
  • Performing alcotest as and when necessary
  • Providing protection to banks, Industrial Zones, and other financial institutions
  • Providing protection to tourists at places of interest and other vulnerable spots
  • Establishing road contravention
  • Assisting Local CID & ADSU in the Drug Enforcement process
  • Performing duty at football matches and other places of public amusement by way of mobile patrol and constant monitoring of the crowd movement
  • Besides its assigned duties the ERS performes snap road blocks, aggressive night patrols and checks at Hotels, Night Clubs, Casinos, Crafts Shops and other proclaimed Tourists resort.


Drug enforcement

Taking advantage of its position as a front line intervention force, the ERS is playing a significant role in the Drug Enforcement process and its action in that field is conducted both as a direct striking force or as support to other formation in the drug enforcement initiative.

Toward this end, attention is being focused on the issue from the cultivation aspect right through to drugs sales and trafficking. The unit’s support is also enlisted by other specialised formations to handle the thorny problem of Drug enforcement.


Salesmen Protection

This pattern of crime has been a major concern for the whole force. To face this challenge the ERS has worked our a salesmen protection plan which comprises a sensitisation and aggressive patrol strategy aiming at reducing opportunities for such occurrences. The plan appears to be working as expected.


Tourist Policing

This is yet another area of concern which has called for serious consideration over the recent past. Victimisation in this area often manifests in the form of burglary to the prejudice of visitors staying in privately rented bungalows; Larceny with violence in isolated areas; thefts from vehicles at Viewpoints and personal belongings from beaches. At market places, cases of pickpocketing are also being reported.

In response to this threat which can seriously affect our Tourism Industry, a new strategic approach has been adopted whereby targeted regions are being regularly policed by ERS crews to prevent any facts of intimidation and to reassure visitors as to their security and safety.


Breath test exercise

With a view to reduce the number of serious / fatal road accidents due to Drivers being under the influence of liquor, “Crackdown on Drunken Driving” operation is being carried out every Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays between 1900hrs to 2300hrs. .


Patrolling Neighbourhood Watch Areas
In conjunction with CPU personnel ERS crews are patrolling high security risk areas where NWS have been set up, to reassure the residents and provide police vigilance on a regular basis.


With a view to ensuring efficiency in the level of service delivery and practical know-how in handling community policing issues, the following initiatives were taken and are being implemented.

  • Lectures on preventive and community policing & Police Duties
  • A self defence course;( Tonfa and Ju Jitsu training)
  • Regular firing practice
At that time, the ‘Commissiaire’ was also the “Juge du Conseil Superieur”, the equivalent of a Supreme Court Judge today.
Whilst the Commissioner had the control of Port Louis, the country districts were policed by local military commanders.Later, on the 31st of July 1794, a CID organisation was formed for Port Louis or “Port North West”.
On the 28th of October 1803, Decaen, then Governor established a Police Headquarters and placed it under the charge of an “agent-général de Police”, who also was a Justice of the Peace and president of the tribunal, Police Correctionelle, later replaced by “Tribunal de Premiere Instance”.
The Police Headquarters was located at Place d’Armes on the right hand-side of the present Government House when facing the sea. In 1810 it was transferred to Pope Henessy Street, on the premises adjoining the Municipality of Port Louis. However on the 22nd of March 1922, it was finally accommodated in Line Barracks where it still exists today.
The constructions of the first buildings in Line Barracks started in 1740 at the time of Mahé de Labourdonnais and were completed in 1774, a date which can still be seen engraved on the gate of the Police Headquarters along Deschartes Street. The Line Barracks compound stretches over an extent of 26 acres.
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