Police IT Unit

Historical Background

The Police Information Technology (IT) Unit is under the responsibility of the Deputy Commissioner of Police ‘Administration’.

The Unit is in operation in Line Barracks, Port Louis since Year 2000, and as from year 2005, the Digital Forensic Laboratory (Cyber Cell)  has been set up to deal with the examination of digital exhibits secured or produced during enquiry in cybercrime and computer related cases.

The organization’s environment, culture, structure, standard operating procedures, politics and management decisions are factors that influence the interaction between information technology and organizations. The Police IT Unit considers all these factors to move the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) towards innovative solutions with the support of IT.

Vision of Police IT Unit

For the next decade, the Police IT Unit will position itself as a front line organization in the region in providing assistance to investigation in cybercrime, in conducting digital forensics activities, providing maintenance on MPF IT Equipment and network and managing of IT Projects whilst ensuring information security.

Mission to promote quality

In its endeavour to promote quality, the Police IT Unit will strive to:

  • Foster a team spirit, sense of belonging to the organization and be committed to the highest quality and professionalism
  • Provide quality service to its customers and satisfy their needs
  • promote the interest and confidence of customers
  • See that victims and suspects’ rights are respected
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Mission to promote information security

In its endeavour to uphold information security, the Police IT Unit will strive to design, implement and maintain an information security structure that protects its systems, services and data against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage, and loss through collaboration with the interested parties and support for information security initiatives.

Core Values

The Unit demonstrates effectiveness through core values like: –

Integrity                          –                      to be honest and faithful to us and to the services

Customer Focus            –                      to be attentive to the needs of customer

Sense of Urgency          –                      to give priority to urgent matters

Creativity                         –                      to be creative in mind for innovation

Cooperation                    –                      to be cooperative with interested parties

Flexibility                          –                      to be able to adapt to varying situations

Excellence                        –                      to provide a high quality defect service/product.

Core Activities of the Police IT Unit

 The activities of the Police IT Unit, since its inception in Year 2000, were limited to basic maintenance of Police owned hardware equipment (Personal Computers, Printers) and limited databases of the Traffic Branch.

With the advancement of digital technologies and the Internet, new opportunities have emerged for the benefit of units and branches of the Force, but the exploitation of these facilities in the community has also given rise to cases of cybercrimes.

The Police IT Unit has adapted to the situation so that the tasks performed by the Police IT Unit have greatly expanded.

The core activities are as hereunder:

  1. Search and seizure, acquisition, examination, preservation of digital evidence, analysis and the generation and reporting of data objectively. These include data from CCTV and Social Media.
  2. Providing First Responder Support to Police Officers during investigations in cybercrime and computer related crimes.
  3. Performing repairs on Personal Computers, Printers, Scanners and other equipment belonging to the Police.
  4. Managing internet and intranet Network within the MPF.
  5. Performing Photo sketches using facial identification techniques (fits) in relation to reported Police Cases.
  6. Providing support over Police owned IT Systems.
  7. Maintaining websites under the Police.
  8. Providing Training to members of the Force at Police Training School or to other audiences at premises duly approved by the Officer in Charge/Commissioner of Police.
  9. Doing other cognate duties as directed by the Commissioner of Police.


Commitment to preservation of Confidentiality of Information

Information in relation to the subjects of cases are treated with due confidentiality, integrity and disclosed only on a need to know basis.

Adherence to National Standards and international best practices

The Police IT Unit is MS ISO 9001:2015 certified since 30 May 2019.

The Top Management is committed to continually improve the QMS of the Unit. It also ensures that its Quality Policy is communicated and understood within the organization and the relevant interested parties.

The Policy is reviewed at prescribed intervals to ensure its continued suitability.

Digital examinations are conducted according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and best practices.

Police IT Unit

Port Louis Line Barracks

Phone Number 212 9435/6/8

E-Mail: itunit.mpf@govmu.org

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