Police Tender Unit


The Police Tender Unit (PTU) falls under the Procurement & Supply Division of the Police Department and is located at Line Barracks, Port Louis. This unit is under the responsibility of the Manager Procurement & Supply (Procurement Unit) and functions under an Assistant Manager, Procurement & Supply.

At present the activities of the PTU are governed by the Public Procurement Act 2006, Public Procurement Regulations 2008 and circulars/directives emanating from the Procurement Policy Office.


The main duties of the PTU are to launch tenders after the Committee of Needs has given its approval for the procurement of relevant items.

Prescribed Threshold

The PTU launches tenders which are above the prescribed threshold as stipulated in the Public Procurement Regulations 2008 as hereunder :
a) For the procurement of goods exceeding one hundred thousand rupees (Rs 100,000) per item up to fifty million rupees (Rs 50m).
b) For the procurement of works & services exceeding five hundred thousand rupees (Rs 500,000) up to fifty million rupees (Rs 50m).
c) For tenders above fifty million rupees (Rs 50m), draft bidding documents are prepared by the PTU and forwarded to the Central Procurement Board (CPB) for vetting. After approval by the board, tenders are launched by the PTU but bids are opened and evaluated at the CPB.

Procurement Methods

Tenders for goods/services/works/Consultancy services are invited using one of the under mentioned procurement method as prescribed in the Public Procurement Act 2006:
– Request for Sealed Quotation (RFQ)
– Restricted Bidding (RB)
– Open Advertised Bidding (OAB)
– Direct Procurement
– Community or end-user participation
– Departmental Executions
– Request for Proposal (for consultancy services)

Opening of Bids

The Tender Box situated in Line Barracks compound is opened on every Wednesday at 1330 hrs local time (subsequent day in the event of a public holiday). Thereafter, the PTU convenes the Bid Evaluation Committee as applicable and whose members are designated by the Police Tender Committee (PTC). The role of such committee is to examine bids received in respect of each tender and then to submit its Bid Evaluation Report to the PTC for consideration. Upon approval of bids, the PTU forwards all relevant documents to the Award Unit of Procurement Section for award of contracts.


– Sale of Bidding Documents: The PTU also sells bidding documents (along with plans and drawings) in respect of building projects.
– Queries: The PTU attends to queries/clarifications by potential bidders.
– Pre-Bid Meeting: The PTU convenes pre-bid meeting when required.
– Site Visit: Common site visits are organised as specified in bidding documents.

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