Police de l’Environnement


The Police de l’Environnement Created in Dec 2000, with only one office in Port-Louis and in August 2002, a sub unit established in Rodrigues. In December 2011 the unit was reorganised with another office in Curepipe.

On the 1st of Feb 2013, decentralised with a team in each Division (Port-Louis (South), Port-Louis (North), Eastern, Northern, Western, Central, Southern with head office in Port Louis.


To protect and preserve the environment by enforcing environmental laws.

Responsibility of the Officer in Charge of Police de l’Environnement

The Police de l’Environnement shall provide the Director, and the Island Chief Executive in relation to the Island of Rodrigues, such assistance as is required to enforce an environmental law as per Sect. 9 of the Environment Protection Act (EPA) 2002
The Officer in Charge Police de l’Environnement is responsible to the Commissioner of Police for the proper and efficient administration of the Unit as well as for its operational duties as stipulated in the Police Standing Orders No. 95.

Duties of Police de l’Environnement

  • To perform duties in accordance with the Police Act 1974;
  • To provide assistance to the Director of Environment to enforce the environmental laws;
  • To assist and support other enforcing Agencies;
  • To attend to all complaints within 48 hours and follow up
  • To perform operations as directed by Police Information & Operations Room;
  • To establish contraventions for breach of environmental laws;
  • To conduct enquiries in cases established under the environment laws;
  • To attend to community policing and carry out sensitization campaigns;
  • To perform any cognate duties.

Major activities

  • Establishing contraventions.
  • Carry out operations regarding the emission of heavy black smoke from vehicles.
  • Carry out operations respecting vehicles emitting noise pollution.
  • Night patrol respecting noise pollution from restaurants, Night Clubs and bungalows.
  • Keep surveillance at spots where dumping might occur.
  • Assist local police and other enforcing agencies as and when required (in all issues where there is serious impact on the environment).
    Conduct enquiries.
  • Sensitisation, education and raising awareness.



Metropolitan  (North and South)Ken Lee Tower, Barracks St. P.Louis (together with HQ Police de L’Environnement )
NorthernTrou-Aux-Biches Police Station
SouthernRose-Belle Police Station
EasternFlacq Police Station
WesternRose-Hill Police Station
CentralMidlands Police Station


Means available to report complaints:-

Hotline – Tel : 2105151 & 2105252

E-mail – police-env@govmu.org

Postal Address –Ground Floor, Ken Lee Tower, Barracks St, Port Louis

The Laws
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