Brigade Pour La Protection Des Mineurs

Brief History

The Brigade Pour La Protection Des Mineurs (BDM) was set up on 24th May, 2004 to deal more effectively and efficiently with the problems of child abuse and juvenile delinquency. It focuses on the protection of children always ensuring their best interest and act as a watchdog against child abuse. The BDM is under the aegis of Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) of the Mauritius Police Force (MPF).  

  In line with the vision and mission of the Mauritius Police Force, the BDM ensures a safe and protective environment for children.


To provide a safer environment to all the children of the Republic of Mauritius. 


Working with all local and foreign stakeholders in the highest interest of the children of  the Republic of Mauritius.


  • A Child Friendly Police
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Patience
  • Knowledgeable
  • A Role Model

Objectives : 

  • To ensure that the existing laws governing children are respected thus safeguarding their rights;
  • To implement policies and practices regarding child protection, thus averting abuse and exploitation of children; 
  • To assist local Police into cases where juveniles are uncontrollable, destitute, missing and neglected;
  • To work closely with other agencies both Government and Non-Government in deviating the minors from criminal activity;
  • Advice and counseling services provided in cases of dispute with parents and the society,
  • To carry out regular checks at places of amusement and leisure and licence premises frequented by minors;
  • To raise a sense of awareness among members of the public including children through sensitization campaigns.


 The Headquarters of the BDM is situated on 10th Floor, Sterling House, Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port Louis.




Tel No

Fax No

E-mail Add.


BDM Head Quarters

10th Floor Sterling House,  Lislet Geoffroy Street , Port Louis 

 213 4093

214 2025


There are eight sub-units which are operational at District Level as follows:-


BDM Divisions


Tel No

Fax No


BDM Metro South  Div

Pope Henessy Police Station, Port Louis

208 6212            



BDM Metro North  Div

IKS Building, Fanfaron Police Station.                 

217 1152        

216 0475


BDM Northern Div   

Compound of Northern Div HQ, Piton                

264 9757        

264 8776


BDM Eastern Div      

Compound of Eastern Div HQ, Flacq           

 401 1326



BDM Western Div     

Compound of Western Div HQ, Rose Hill   

466 72 00       

463 2239


BDM Central Div     

Compound of Vacoas Police Station            

698 5684           



BDM Southern Div   

Compound of Southern Div HQ, Rose Belle

627 4867       

627 3201


BDM Rodrigues Div

Integrated Family Centre, Malabar, Rodrigues




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