Central Investigation Division

Central CID is a specialized unit of Mauritius Police Force, which deals with sensitive cases and cases involving larger public interest. It deals with all the cases of Bribery, Fraud and Homicides.

It has various units:

Fraud Squad to enquire into cases of frauds concerning immovable property.

Major Crime Investigation Team to enquire into all cases of homicide and suspected homicide. This team is highly trained in forensic approach to the crime. Soon they will be tasked to deal with all cases of sexual assaults. There are 3 enquiry teams to inquire into cases of public interest, cases involving public servants and other cases referred to the police by the government.

There is a Technical Support Unit located at Rose Hill which comprises of Draughtsmen,

Photographers and Scene of Crime Officers. They are the first to visit any scene of crime and are responsible for preserving valuable evidence

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