In case of Emergency, what should I do? 
1.    Call Telephone No 999.
2.   Click on the Emergency Contacts for Telephone Nos. of Senior Officers and Police Stations.

How can I register a Complaint?
Go to the nearest Police Station and give a written or oral complaint to the officer-in charge. The oral complaint will be reduced in writing and then signed by you. If it is not the jurisdictional Police Station necessary action would be taken to transfer the case to the respective jurisdictional Police Station for necessary action. Preliminary and immediately required steps will however be taken by the initial police stations.

In case of any difficulty in registering a complaint as above, the complainant may contact the jurisdictional/senior officers whose address and Telephone numbers are given in the Emergency Contacts page.

What should I do if I have to pass any information about an offence or an accident?
1.    Call 999.
2.    Call the nearest Police Station.
3.    Go to the nearest Police Station and inform.

How do I get a firearm license?
By making an application in the prescribed form to the office of Commissioner of Police.
After due police verification and other necessary formalities, the licensing authority will approve or reject the application for firearm license. Barring exceptions your application will be decided within 90 days.

What should I do if I find a child or woman in distress?
Call 999.

What help can a foreigner expect from Mauritius Police Force?
Go to Foreigner section for detailed information.

What should I do in case of loss of vehicle?
Lodge a complaint in the nearest Police Station with all the details and documents about the vehicle.

Later be in touch with the Police Station.

I want to lodge a complaint but I do not know to which Police Station I should go. What should I do?
The island of Mauritius is divided into 56 Police Station areas.  A phone call to Divisional Headquarters  can help you determine, under which Police Station jurisdiction does your place of concern fall.

You can then either contact that police station or proceed there straight away.
However, in case of emergency or if you are a victim of a crime or accident you can go to the nearest Police Station,  where the Police officer on duty is bound to take down your declaration and take initial steps. If the place of incident does not fall under his jurisdiction, he will transfer your declaration to appropriate/jurisdictional Police Station after taking initial steps, under intimation to you
Remember, no Policeman can refuse to take your complaint on the grounds of jurisdiction.

I have met with an accident and I want to know the progress of enquiry into my declaration. Whom should I contact?
All accident cases are investigated by the staff of the Police Station where such accident had occurred. Therefore, you must contact the Police officer in charge of the Police Station; and he will do the needful.

I had given a complaint at the Police Station long back.  I have not heard about it since then. I want to know the action taken on my complaint and the status of the enquiry. What should I do?
Contact the Police Station again. If the enquiry is complete they will inform you about the outcome accordingly. If enquiry is still going on leave your contact numbers, and you will be contacted accordingly.

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