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The Mauritius Police Force

o   Cover up expensive looking jewellery when going out alone to the market, the medical practitioner or to the chemist.
o   Beware of pick pockets during pay days (pension).
o   Avoid short cuts whilst going to the bank or returning home.
o   Never accept lift from a stranger or people you have just met.
o   If in danger scream to draw attention for help.
o   It is always advisable to be accompanied whilst going out to the hospitals, banks or the post offices.                                                                        
o   If you are alone at home, never open to a stranger. Talk to him through the window.
o   Check the credentials of any stranger before you open the door fully. Ask to see the identity card.
o   Keep friendly relationship with your neighbours. They will be the first persons to help in case of need.
o   Never keep large sum of money in your house. Cash is safer in banks.

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