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The Mauritius Police Force

Ø  Teach children that everyone has rights; no one should take away their right to be safe.
Ø   To protect their own bodies. Children need to know that their body belongs to them.
Ø   They must say NO to whosoever touches particularly the private part.
Ø  To Say NO. Children have to say NO to any one if that person tries to harm them.
Ø   To get help against bullies. Tell children to enlist the help of friends or an adult in cases of real physical danger.
Ø  Keeping them safe is the most important consideration. Tell children not to fight to protect their belongings against bullies.
Ø  To tell. Reassure your children that no matter what happens, you will not be angry with them and that you want them to tell you of any incident.
Ø  To be believed. Children need to be believed and supported, especially in cases of sexual assault as children very rarely lie about it.
Ø  To not keep secret. Teach children that some secrets should NEVER be kept, no matter if they promised not to tell. Child molesters often say that a kiss or touch is “our secret".
Ø   To not talk to strangers. Teach children to ignore any stranger. They do not have to be rude, they can pretend not to hear - walk quickly or run away.
To break rules. Tell children that they have your permission to break all rules to protect themselves and to stay safe.

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