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The Mauritius Police Force

Bike and Car

Protecting your bike
·  When not in use at your place, keep it under lock inside.
·  On roads, park it in an area where you or other people can see it.
·  Use a strong lock or chain to secure it (with a strong pole if possible).
·  Be alert to persons coming close to your bike.
·  Call the Police immediately if you see someone stealing your bike.
·  Know all the details of your auto/motorcycle or bicycle.
Ensuring safety of your car
·  Secure your car properly whenever left unattended.
·  Remove your ignition keys after parking.
·  Secure all doors, windows and vents.
·  Lock the vehicle windows and doors properly.
·  Keep your personal property in a locked trunk in your car prior to final parking.
·  At night, park in a well lighted area. Consider an alarm or circuit breaker, if possible.

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