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The Mauritius Police Force

o   Check and if necessary, strengthen the security of your house or flat.
Draw your curtain after dark.
o   If you think there is a prowler outside don’t go out to check- dial 999.
When you are at home, keep the door locked.
o   Don’t leave keys in the door lock.
When answering the telephone don’t give your number.
o   If the caller claims to have a wrong number, ask him or her to repeat the number required.
o   Never reveal information about yourself to a stranger and never say that you are alone in the house.
o   If you get home and notice signs of a break-in, a broken window or the door ajar, do not go in or call out, the intruder could still be inside.
o   Go to a neighbour’s house and call the police. Dial 999.


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