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Application for Driving Licence



All persons who wish to have a driving a Licence authorising to drive in Mauritius shall make an application to the Commissioner of Police.
Who can apply?
Minimum age to apply for Provisional Driving Licence
·         Auto cycle   :               15 yrs
·         Motorcycle  :               17 yrs
·         Motorcar     :               18 yrs
How to apply?
Application can be made either in person at the nearest Police Station of applicant or on-line.

1.  Application in person
At the nearest Police Station of the locality with following original documents:
·      Birth Certificate
·      National Identity Card/ Student Pass as applicable
·      Marriage Certificate - married women
·      Work/ Residence Permit and Passport - Non-Mauritian Citizen
2.  On-Line Application
Apply On-Line on Police website All instructions will be provided via an automated email address provided. Application will be required to call in person at the Online Application Centre at the Traffic Branch, Line Barracks within 14 days with the required documents for verification as well as the "Transaction ID" mentioned in the automated reply.
(Note: In both cases if under 18, applicant should be accompanied by responsible party who shall bring along his/her National Identity Card)

Processing of ApplicationAuto/ Motorcycle
The Police will process the application and notify you by way of a registered letter to call in person at the Traffic Branch to take an appointment for the Audio Visual Test. We aim to notify you within one week upon the Traffic Branch receiving your application.
(Note: If under 18, should be accompanied by responsible party who shall bring along his/her National Identity Card)

(b) Motor Car only
Applicant will be notified within one week after receipt of application, by way of a registered letter to call in person at the Traffic Branch to complete other formalities. If all required documents are in order, a Provisional Driving Licencewill be issued within three working days.

Driving License Tests:

1. Audio Visual Test (Oral Test)
A Computerised Audio Visual Test on traffic signs is carried out either English or French language as elected by applicant. You have to answer a set of forty multiple choice questions on the following:-
·         Ability to read and understand traffic signs;
·         Knowledge of the rules of the road;
·         Knowledge of traffic signals by Drivers and Police.
The first five questions are sample questions for practice. Twenty-nine right answers from the remaining thirty-five questions will secure a pass. The examination lasts for about forty minutes. On successful completion of the test on traffic signs, you may take an appointment for a practical driving test against payment of the prescribed fee.
The Audio Visual Test is free of charge except for an application to drive motorcars only.

Applicant who has failed in Audio Visual Test may opt for an oral board test.

2.  Practical Driving Test
Competency to drive will be assessed on:-
·         Starting off;
·         Changing up and down of gears;
·         Turning Right and Left hand corners correctly;
·         Stopping at various speeds;
·         Giving of signals while driving;
·         Making a right hand turn and a left hand turn in reverse gear and back the vehicle into an indicated position;
·         Turning the vehicle round so as to proceed in the opposite direction;
·         Stopping, holding and starting the vehicle on a gradient.
International Driving Permit

Any person holding a valid International Driving Permit or Driving Licence issued by a competent foreign authority shall entitle the holder to drive within the State of Mauritius any vehicle of the types specified thereon, provided that such Permit/ Licence is valid for more than three years at the time of the registration thereof in the State of Mauritius.

Applying for International Driving Permit
You should call in person at the International Driving Permit   Counter, Traffic Branch, Line Barracks between 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs on week days (except public holidays) and between 0900 hrs to 1030 hrs on Saturdays. You should fill in the prescribed form obtainable thereat and produce the following:-
·         Your National Identity Card (original)
·         Valid local driving licence
·         Two recent passport size photographs
·         Prescribed fee of Rs 800
If all required documents listed below are in order, an International Driving Permit will be issued within two working days.
Applicable Fees
·   Audio Visual Test and Driving Test (Motor Cars only) Rs 500
·         Driving test (Auto/Motorcycle)                                  Rs 500   
·         International Driving permit                                       Rs 800
·         Duplicate Driving Licence (lost/damaged)                Rs 500
Important Points to note
·  Arrange own vehicle to undergo the practical driving test
·  Produce a valid Special Insurance Policy for that purpose
·  Should be physically as well as mentally fit to drive
·  No licence will be issued to a person to drive a heavy motor vehicle
(vehicles exceeding 8000 pounds gross weight) unless he has been the
holder of a licence to drive motor cars for at least six (6) calendar
·  For a lost driving licence, you must report it to a Police Station. You
will be issued with a memo (PF 77) for production at the Licensing
Office when applying for a duplicate licence.
·  A damaged driving licence must be produced to the Licensing
Officer before the issue of a duplicate.
·  You will be notified of the date the duplicate licence will be issued to you.
Before you are issued with a Provisional Driving Licence, you must mandatorily pass the Audio Visual Test (Oral Test), except for an application for a Provisional Driving Licence to drive a motor car only where you will be issued with the said licence as a learner driver to allow you to practice your driving under the terms and conditions specified in law.
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