Guidelines for Application for Firearm Licence


The grant of a Firearm Licence is governed by the Firearms Act 2006. Applicants should submit their application on the prescribed form, accompanied by the relevant Competency certificate, to the Commissioner of Police and shall include such particulars as may be required in the form.

Eligibility to apply

  •   Be 18 years old or above;
  •   Be physically fit and normal eyesight;
  •   Have for a Competency Certificate;
  •   Not involved in any domestic violence and criminal activities;
  •   Have a clean record;
  •   Have two safes, one for the safekeeping of Firearm and one for ammunition;
  •   Have already reserved a Firearm before applying for the the Firearm Licence;
  •   Be in possession of an authorized letter from the owner of a Chassé or is the owner of a Chassé (for hunting  purpose)

How to apply

Call in person at the Central Firearms Index, Police Headquarters Line Barracks, Port-Louis on weekdays during office hours between 0830 and 1630 hrs or on Saturday between 0830 and 1230 hrs.  For more information, call on 208 1212 (Extn 1407) or 211 0879.

Documents required

  •    Birth certificate (original and a copy thereof)
  •    National Identity Card (original and a copy thereof)
  •    Certificate of Character (original and a copy thereof; a new issue within one month from the date of application)
  •    A competency certificate from a recognized training body showing that applicant has the appropriate training and skills for handling firearms
  •    Two recent passport size photographs
  •    Medical Certificate
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