Application for Driving Licence

The Traffic Branch of the Mauritius Police Force is responsible for the issue and control of Driving Licences in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Before you can learn to drive a motorcar, motorcycle or autocyle you must apply for a provisional driving licence.

Application for driving licence shall be made in a Police Form (PF 31) and shall be accompanied by a Non- Refundable application fee of Rs 500.

Minimum age requirement for a provisional driving licence.

Autocycle  :  15 yrs
Motocycle :  17 yrs
Motorcar   :  18 yrs

Application for Taxi: – Applicant shall be holder of a competent driving licence for Motor Cars. (Annex A)

Application for Heavy Motor Vehicle (bus and lorry):- Applicant shall be holder of a competent driving licence for Motor Cars for a period of at least six months. (Annex B & C)

Classification of Auto/Motorcycle

Type AM:-    Autocycle

Type A1 :-    51 – 125cc

Type A2 :-   126-300 cc ( can apply if holder of type A1)

Type A   :- > 300cc ( can apply if holder of type A1 and A2)



Application for a provisional driving licence can be made either at Police Stations or on-line.


 Online Application for Learner’s Licence

An applicant for a provisional driving licence can simply apply online through the Government Online Centre (GOC) at  He or she will have to choose a convenient date and time to call at the Licensing Office, on line section to complete the processing of the application with the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card or Student Pass as applicable
  • Marriage Certificate as applicable
  • Original work/residence permit and passport(for non-Mauritian Citizen)

(Note: In cases where applicant is under 18 years, he/she should be accompanied by responsible party)

Application made at Police Station

 Applications for driving licence can also be made at police stations with the   following documents:-

The application is dispatched to the Traffic Branch for processing.

If eligible, applicant will be informed by way of letter to call at the licensing office for the processing of his application.

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card or Student Pass as applicable
  • Marriage Certificate as applicable
  • Original work/residence permit and passport(for non-Mauritian Citizen)

(Note: In cases where applicant is under 18 years, he/she should be accompanied by responsible party)

E-Payment and E-appointment for Driving Tests

Payment for driving tests and scheduling of appointment can be effected on line. An applicant applies for an appointment on-line giving details (including email address) respecting the type of test he/she wishes to undergo. Payments for the tests are effected on line through Internet banking.

The Licensing Office receives such applications online and after verification, if an applicant is eligible, a reply is sent to him/her on the e-mail address provided, respecting the date and time of his appointment.  On the scheduled appointment date, the applicant will call at the Examiners Office for the test with a printed copy of the mail.



 [Regulation 55(1) (d)]

ROAD RESTRICTIONS FOR LEARNER DRIVERS                                          

 ROAD                                                                               RESTRICTION

  1. The motorways M1, M2, M3.                                              

(as described in the Motorways

and Main Roads Regulations 1976)                                Not to be used, unless

  1. The following streets/roads in Port Louis –                 driving under the supervision

(a) Mgr. Leen Street from Labourdonais Street               of a driving instructor

     to Bell Village

(b) Labourdonnais Street                                                                         

(c) Volcy Pougnet Street                                                                           

(d) Pope Henessy Street

(e) Jemmapes Street                                                                     

(f) SSR Street                                                                 Not to be used  from Monday

(g) Royal Street                                                              to Friday during 7.30 a.m to      

 (h) Chaussée Street                                                     9.30 a.m and 3.30 p.m to 5 p.m,                                                                                                 except on public holidays

 (i) John Kennedy Street/Moka Road

 (j) Deschartres Street

 (k) D’Entrecasteaux Street


  1. The following streets/roads in Curepipe –   


(a) Winston Churchill Street                                 Not to be used unless

(b) Botanical Garden Street                                 driving under the supervion

(c) Eucalyptus Street                                           of a driving instructor

(d) Royal Road, from its junction                          

 with Sivananda Avenue up to                             Not to be used from                

its junction with Sir Celicourt                               Monday to Friday during

 Antelme Street                                                   7.30 a.m to 9 a.m and 2.30 p.m

                                                                           to 4.30 p.m except on public holidays


  1. Audio Visual Test (Oral Test)

The Audio Visual Test on traffic signs is carried out on a computerised system. You can opt for either English/ French language.  You have to answer a set of forty multiple choice questions on the following:-

  • Your ability to read and understand traffic signs;
  • Your knowledge of the rules of the road;
  • Your knowledge of traffic signals by Drivers and Police.

The first five questions are sample questions for practice. Twenty-nine right answers from the remaining thirty-five questions will secure a pass. On successful completion of the test on traffic signs, you may take an appointment for a practical driving test.

Driving Test for Auto/Motorcycle (Type AM, A, A1, A2)

After having succeeded the Audio Visual Test on traffic signs, applicant will be tested as follows:

  1. Practical off- road driving manoeuvres (Part 1)
  • Eye sight test
  • Vehicle Safety Check
  1. Practical on road driving test (Part 2)

 Practical Driving Test for Motor Car

In order to pass the test of competence to drive a motor vehicle, applicant shall prove to the satisfaction of the Examiner his ability unaided to:- 

(a)  start the motor vehicle from rest to move away in a reasonably quick time and to maintain an accurate course;  

(b)  turn right and left hand corners correctly;  

(c)  stop the motor vehicle within a reasonable distance when travelling at various speeds, by satisfying the examiner that in an emergency he shall be able to apply the brakes of the motor vehicle promptly and effectively;

(d) operate all controls with safety and without moving from the driving seat;

(e) give all recognised signals in a clear and unmistakable manner

(f) cause the motor vehicle to proceed backwards for a reasonable  distance, make a right and a left hand turn in reverse gear, and back the motor vehicle into an indicated  position;

(g) turn the motor vehicle round so as to proceed in the opposite direction in a narrow roadway; and

(h) stop, hold and start the motor vehicle on a gradient of at least one in 15, but not steeper than one in 10.

Applying for International Driving Permit

Applicant should call in person at the International Driving Permit   Counter, Traffic Branch, Line Barracks between 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs on week days (except public holidays) and between 0900 hrs to 1030 hrs on Saturdays. Applicant should fill in the prescribed form obtainable thereat and produce the following:-

  • National Identity Card (original)
  • Valid domestic driving licence
  • One recent passport size photograph
  • Prescribed fee of Rs 800

If all required documents are in order, the International Driving Permit will be delivered within the following working day.

Important Points to note (FEES)

  • Application for driving licence    –  Rs 500
  • Driving Test Fee                          – Rs 500
  • International Driving permit         – Rs 800
  • Duplicate Driving Licence (lost/damaged) – Rs 500
  • Applicant should arrange for his/her own vehicle to undergo the practical   driving test and should also produce a valid Special Insurance Policy for that   purpose.
  • Applicant should be physically and mentally fit to drive.
  • No licence will be issued to a person to drive a heavy motor vehicle (vehicles exceeding 8000 pounds gross weight) unless he/she has been the holder of a licence to drive motor cars for at least six (6) calendar months.
  • In case of a lost driving licence, applicant must report it to a Police Station. And he/she will be issued with a memo (PF 77) for production at the Licensing Office when applying for a duplicate licence.
  • A damaged driving licence must be produced to the Licensing Officer before the issue of a duplicate.
  • Applicant will be notified of the date the duplicate licence will be issued.
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