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The Mauritius Police Force
The Mauritius Police Force>Charter- English

Charter- English

Our Purpose

To uphold the law fairly and firmly, to prevent crime and bring to justice those who break the law. To protect the community and act with common sense, integrity and sound judgement.
We must be calm and restrained in the face of violence and apply only sufficient force to accomplish our lawful duty. We must strive to reduce the fears of the public so far as we can and to reflect their priorities in the actions that we take; we must respond to well founded criticism with a willingness to change. To this end we will endeavour to uphold the following standards:
In preventing crime
To work with you to help prevent crime, procure advice on preventive measures
In detecting crime
We rely on your help to assist us to detect crime by telling us anything you may have seen or heard. We will respect your confidentiality so far as we are able and we will look after you if you have to go to court as a witness.
If you are the victim of crime
Our first priority is to treat you in a professional, sensitive and caring manner. Where appropriate we will make sure you receive the proper medical treatment and we will do our best to catch the offender.
If you are suspected of crime
We will give you the opportunity to explain what happened. If arrested, you will be informed of your rights which include:
a) telling somebody where you are; and
b) contacting a solicitor.
If you telephone us
a) 999 call
Answer such call as a top priority. Aim to arrive to incidents requiring immediate response within 15 minutes - An incident requiring immediate response is one where life is threatened or the offenders may still be at the scene.
b) In less urgent cases
Your request will be considered carefully to ensure that you get the most appropriate response in line with the resources available.
c) Make a general telephone call
We will aim to deal with your query courteously, efficiently and as promptly as possible throughout 24 hours of the day.
We are anxious to stamp out any corrupt practices by Police Officers. To that end we would wish to hear from anyone with information surrounding possible corruption by the Police. You will be treated with total integrity and so far as is possible, with confidentiality.
If you wish to complain about a Police Officer
There is a formal system for the investigation of complaints against Police Officers which is overseen by the Human Rights Commission. We will treat all such complaints seriously and deal with you fairly, as quickly as possible, and update you with the progress of the case. We will apologise where we have made a mistake and do all that we can to make sure that it does not happen again.
If you have any complaint whatsoever about the service you receive from the Mauritius Police Force, please contact free-phone 800-2345, leaving your name, address and brief details of your problem. We will do the rest


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