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The Mauritius Police Force
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Police Family Protection Unit (PFPU)

Police Family Protection Unit (PFPU) was set up in September 1994 with the aim of providing specific services to a category of people who are termed vulnerable within society. These people are less able to protect themselves when faced with crimes, police and criminal justice system as compared to other members of society and their rights are more likely to be violated than those of others. Given their position of vulnerability, a special policing approach is required and PFPU has adopted such an approach to better respond to their needs in an effective and sensitive way. 
Over the years, the role of PFPU has expanded and now its staff deals with the following cases:- 
 Domestic Violence
 Child Abuse
 Elderly Abuse
 Family Conflict
 Conflict among neighbors  
Principles of the Unit  
 Welcoming phase
 Active Listening
 Non judgmental Attitude
 Freedom of decision
In order to provide a better service and to be closer to the victims, the PFPU is decentralized on a regional basis as follows:- 
 PFPU Headquarters Port Louis  
 Abercrombie Police Station  
 Piton DHQ  
 Flacq DHQ  
 Rose Hill DHQ  
 Moka DHQ  
 Curepipe Police Station  
 Rose Belle DHQ  
 Port Mathurin DHQ    
  Function of PFPU 
Duties of PFPU Secretariat 
The PFPU Headquarters runs a Secretariat which performs the following duties:-  
 Designing programmes, writing project and policy making and implementation thereof on CP’s approval,
 Organising and conducting training programmes for PFPU subunits and other members of the Force,
 Monitoring of cases and evaluation of work performance at sub unit levels,
 Delivering lectures and talks on Protective Behaviour Programme to school children as well as adult,
 Tackle cases of child abuse and domestic violence involving member of the Force,
 Liaise with various agencies, e.g Ministries, UNICEF, NGOs, etc,
 Keeping up to date data of reported cases,
 Perform any other cognate duties
Duties of Sub Units  
The services offered to victims at sub units are as follows:- 
 Victim Support (carry out compassionate investigation)
 Support and advice on court procedure 
 Collating evidence
 Agency referrals  
 Maintain an inter-agency coordination and interact with the following through PFPU Headquarters:-
    a. Ministry of Women’s Right, Family Welfare and Child Development
    b. Social Security
    c. Probation and after care service
    d. Health Service and Education Services
    e. Shelters
    f. Non Government Organisations
    g. Alcohol Advisory Groups (NATRESA
    h. UNICEF
 Assist victims in courts re: application of Protection /Occupancy / Tenancy orders in accordance with Protection from Domestic Violence Act
 Work in close collaboration with Divisional Commander – Panel of Enquiry re: cases involving the family
 Produce evidence in court as witnesses
 Deliver lectures/Talks in schools as proactive policing
 Submit return and a report of work to PFPU HQ on a daily and weekly basis
 Interview victim of sexual offences
 Investigate into cases of Child Beyond Control
 Perform any other cognate duty as assigned by the management  
 Divisional Units of PFPU 
Brigade Pour la Protection des Mineurs (BPM)  
This unit has been set up after the promulgation of the Ombudsperson for Children Act 2003 to focus on the protection of the child and to act as a watchdog against child abuse. 
Duties and Responsibilities of BPM 
The duties and responsibilities of the Brigade pour la Protection des Mineurs are:-  
 To operate within the existing legal framework for the protection of all ‘at risk’ children so as to safeguard their interests and shield them from criminal activities and sexual harassment,
 To provide the necessary assistance as required by the Ombudsperson for Children in the discharge of her duties in conformity with the Ombudsperson for Children Act 2003,
 To take dissuasive measures with regard to juvenile delinquency,
 To prevent and detect crimes committed or about to be committed to the prejudice of minors within or outside the family unit through intelligence led operations,
 To identify potential areas which require police attention,
 To implement policies and practices regarding child protection, thus averring abuse and exploitation of children at risk,
 To raise a sense of awareness among family members through sensitization campaigns for the protection of their wards/children,
 To combine efforts with the regular Police, CID, ADSU and Flying Squad personnel in the investigation of complaints/cases wherein minors are victims,
 To investigate on potential child trafficking rackets,
 To assist concerned authorities in initiating studies, conduction surveys and research work relating to child – care, protection and development
Personnel posted to the Brigade pour la Protection des Mineurs will be responsible:- 
 To carry out surprise checks over crime prone areas and other sensitive places/premises frequented by minors, such as brothels, discotheques, night clubs, fairs, places of public amusement, concerts, kermesses, race meeting, etc




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