The Mauritius Police Force (MPF) is the national law enforcement agency for the Republic of Mauritius. It is governed by the Police Act 1974 and responsible for policing on mainland Mauritius, Rodrigues and other outer islands. It is headed by the Commissioner of Police and operates under the aegis of the Home Affairs Division of the Prime Minister's Office. The MPF is presently composed of about 12, 500 Police officers posted Divisions and Branches which comprise, among others, an Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU), Passport and Immigration Office (PIO), paramilitary units- Special Mobile Force (SMF) and Special Support Unit (SSU,) an air wing -Police Helicopter Squadron (PHS) and Maritime Air Squadron (MAS) and a naval wing-National Coast Guard (NCG).
The Commissioner of Police is supported by Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and Police Officers in various grades and is empowered to set rules and regulations, through standing orders, for an effective and sound management and functioning of the MPF and for a better delivery of service.